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  Uesugi Kenshin Katana #159

Uesugi Kenshin Katana 

Uesugi Kenshin was a warlord who ruled Echigo province in the Sengoku Period of Japan. In 1548, Kenshin became the owner of the castle of Haruyama and was engaged in the Battle of Kawanakajima with Takeda Shingen.

- 41" overall with saya
- 38.5" with no saya
- 27.5" blade
- 11" handle
- Carbon Steel Blade
- Etched Hamon
- Real Rayskin
- Zinc Alloy Fittings
- Dual Peg
- Display Box

Price: $89.99



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    Customer Reviews

    Author: michael gonzalez (
    this is the real deal,it nay be smart to resell them for higher they are wrotb it

    Author: Austin Eldridge (
    I purchased this blade about a year ago and I would like to say a few things about this blade. After reading many reviews on other swords I decided that this was a good place to get my first Katana(this model was my first one). I had seen mostly good reviews but I had seen bad ones as well. I bought this blade and after about 1 week of anticipation I recieved my blade. When I first got it I had no idea how to use it so naturally I had that dumbfounded look on my face when I tried to cut the box and it only cut 2 inches deep when I had seen all these other (experienced) guys slicing the entire thing clean through. At first I thought it was because it was a cheap sword being that it was only $60 and I had seen $200+ Katanas slicing through anything and everything. But I didn't give up and I decided to do a little research and WHALLAH I found the reason why I wasn't cutting anything with it. The reason was: I SUCKED!!! After about 2 weeks of practice on water bottles I was able to cut through the entire box so I was really exited after I learned some technique and was seeing results. After the entire time I've had the blade I can say with confidence that this blade will cut anything you put in front of it wether it be a regular water bottle, a plastic milk jug, a wet or dry tatami omote mat, I've even cut down small trees in one slice since I've had it. Now on to the QUALITY of the sword. When I first got it I noticed that the Tsuba rattled a bit and it was pretty annoying I must say. That was the only problem I've had with it in the beginning. It wasn't super razor sharp when I got it but after some experimenting and practice sharpening it, I'll use this story as an example, I ran it down the front of my leg 3 days ago and there is still a 1 foot long 2 inch wide strip of hair completely missing and I have to go to a public pool in 2 days(yeah it's THAT sharp) so yes I can shave with it. After a little sharpening I cut a milk jug 7 times with it. It was like I was swinging it through the air, no resistance at all. Bottom line you might have to sharpen it a bit after you get it but practice on other knives that you don't care about first and watch some YouTube tutorials first. Since I've had the blade there has been some edge damage but nothing major that could affect the cutting ability. All swords get edge damage over time and being that I cut things with this sword almost every day and it's lasted me this long even though it's specified "light duty cutter" and I've put it through very hard targets and it succeeded every time so I am very pleased with this blade. The current problems I'm having is that the Habaki is a little loose, the Nakago moves a little inside the Tsuka unless I put a little tape on it before I reassemble it. Other than those two things I'm having no problems at all. I give Musashi Swords 4 out of 5 stars. I leave out only one star because Musashi Swords quality is sometimes hit and miss. Sometimes they send the wrong Saya, sometimes there are loose parts, once I even saw a review that said that they forgot to sharpen the sword. But overall for the price of the blade I HIGHLY recomend it wether you are a self teaching backyard cutter or a serious martial arts practitioner Musashi Sword has great quality and great swords. I've formed such a bond with my sword that I named it Kindness and when I cut it feels like an extension of my very body and soul. So if your thinking about purchasing a Musashi Swords product do not hesitate, find the one you like and go for it. Now if only they would restock some of their items😄


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