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Masashi Katana (SS282BK) 

Hand Forged Folded T10/1045 Carbon Steel Blade
Real ray skin panels wrapped in cotton cord wrap.
Brass tsuba and fittings.
Double Peg
Saya has High quality piano paint finished.
Black sword bag.
Decorative box

Folded Steel T10/1045
Overall Length w/Saya 41"
Katana Length 39"
Blade Length 28"
Handle Length 11"

Price: $169.99



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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Lucas Rietveld (
    After purchasing this $150+ katana; I am extremely disappointed with Musashi. After waiting two weeks for shipping, my excitement was mounting. When i unboxed this sword i was expecting to receive a functional katana. What i received was a uselessly dull sword. The saya was littered with wood shavings, which also covered the over oiled "blade". This would normally be no problem, but the blade was so dull you would be better off trying to slice with a pice of rebar, and when you are expecting a functional sword of quality, the blade i recieved was completely useless. I had heard so many phenomenal l reviews of your products, so when i received this katana i was disappointed. I will not be buying anymore of your products.


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