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  Shizoku Katana #28

Shizoku Katana 

Handmade Charcoal Black Katana series. These Samurai Swords are fully functional offering their own unique design. The blades were created using high carbon steel, tempered then quenched for a consistent hardness. The sword is sharp and can be disassembled. Awesome display sword that can be used as a light duty cutter at an unbelievable price.

This sword measures 40.5 inches overall with the saya and 39 inches without. The carbon blade measures 28.25 inches overall that is full tang fitted with dual pegs for better stability and brass fittings. The handle has a ray skin overlay wrapped inside a black cotton cord wrap. The tsuba and ornate fittings are made from a zinc alloy in a rustic charcoal black finish. The saya has a nice black lacquered finish complete with a sword bag to keep it dust free.

Price: $79.99



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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Justin Rank (
    Bought this as a gift for the father-in-law and now I'm sorry I gave it away...everything was rock solid. The tsuka is a little beefier than the Bamboo, but the blade was awesome....scary sharp...sharper than the Bamboo but less niku. The balance is a little better on the Bamboo....but all told, this is about 90% the quality of the Bamboo at 1/3 the price...awesome for keeping the boogie man out of the house.

    Author: Black Gryphon
    I just got this sword and I can tell you, it's great! The blade is beautifull and very sharp. Very please and plan on ordering from this company again.

    Author: mike morris (
    ive been looking at this one an plan on buying it very soon i like the look of it

    Author: Alex Carroll
    A very good sword at a very good price.
    The Shizoku katana will NOT leave you dissatified, it is an absolutely great sword.

    I received this sword today (January 6th) and absolutely loved it. Everything, as said befor, was solid. The Tsuba was solid, the cord wrap was tight, everything perfect. It is also VERY sharp and very well oiled, so be careful of how you hold it. The blade slid easily out of the saya and across my finger and left me with a cut that bled for nearly ten minutes.

    If you're looking for quality and a low price, get the Shizoku katana, it is beautiful, the sword bag is great. Be very careful with it!

    Author: James Isnor
    On a scale of one to ten, how high would you recommend this bad boy for a beginner?

    Author: Daniel Barabonoff (
    when i ordered this sword i was really exicted to get it, and the best thing was it arrived in 6 days after i ordered it. when i got it everything was tight nothing was loose. and the blade is very sharp the hamon is fake but for a $90 CND sword i'am defintly going to buy from them again.

    Author: chris jacobs (
    This sword is a little dissapointing. (a little) the blade is very sharp, but not very hard. It has ZERO springyness. The fittings were all tight, but the end cap (forgot the real name) fell off due to cheap glue being used. when you swing it forwards, you can feel the tang (oh so very slightly) shifting. Its quite heavy, and the blade is very thick. (7mm maybe?) the hamon is obviously fake, but still nice to look at. it falls out of the saya extremely easily. When i attempted to dissasemble it, the tang was very tight in the handle (again forgot the name) and i bruised my wrist trying to dislodge it. The blade gets ding-ed very easily and Now it looks about 400 years old. It is however FUNCTIONAL AS HELL. It effortlessly slices through 1" pine saplings with the factory edge and is quite durable. I give it a 3/5 stars for lack of quality control.

    Author: Johnnie Ricks (
    Your swords are fakes , in the pictures of the different swords all the blades are the exact same. Why lie and deceive us. We are not lying a lot of money but still why be fraudulent. Be honest, as long as the sword is tight and the blade is razor sharp , that's all that matters . Tell the truth


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