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  Hiryuu Katana #55

Hiryuu Katana 

Handmade Charcoal Black Katana series. These Samurai Swords are fully functional offering their own unique design. The blades were created using high carbon steel, tempered then quenched for a consistent hardness. The sword is sharp and can be disassembled. Awesome display sword that can be used as a light duty cutter at an unbelievable price.

This sword measures 40.5 inches overall with the saya and 39 inches without. The carbon blade measures 28.25 inches overall that is full tang fitted with dual pegs for better stability and brass fittings. The handle has a ray skin overlay wrapped inside a black cotton cord wrap. The tsuba and ornate fittings are made from a zinc alloy in a rustic charcoal black finish. The saya has a nice black lacquered finish complete with a sword bag to keep it dust free.

Price: $79.99



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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Angel Perez (
    Hello all, I recently purchased this sword, Its better than I expected.
    this katana is fully functional, excellent light duty cutter, and simply one of the best light duty functional swords at an incredible price, 5/5

    Author: robert slaybaugh (
    im thinking about getting this just for a bit of light cutting, and is it a good sword for just $59.99?

    Author: Somsack sayavong (
    This blade is the Base of my sword collection my first Non decorative sword....i tested it freaking sweet

    Author: Ian Eberhardt (
    I just received my Hiryuu Katana and its awesome! Great quality, great price, sharp, and functional. I would recommend it to anyone not looking to spend hundreds of dollars for a good sword.

    Author: Matt Earhart (

    Author: Kirt Rainbolt (
    I got this for my birthday, and it's really good for the price, Full tang, High carbon, tempered blade, My only complaint is, The end cap (from lack of the actual name) on the tsuka was loose, But there's really no harm done, You don't really have to worry about quality when you buy a Musashi sword.

    Author: Vincent Milucci (
    Very nice sword! Balance is good, fairly sharp. The saya is nicely polished, and perfectly complements the stand I ordered. An excellent value, and I will be ordering from you again!

    Author: dallas conn (
    this has been out of stock for some time now. when will it be back in??

    Author: bryan gacusan (
    this is my second musashi sword.. it came in about a week and a half after the processing.. there were some minor defects on mine.. the handle and tsuba was loose and it slightly rattles in the scabbard but i've given the blade a test cut and it was a very sharp blade.. all in all its a good sword for the price - 4/5 thanks musashi

    Author: John Rogers V (
    I might get one

    Author: charlie kafoury (
    There is no better deal on the internet for a low cost functional sword. Nothing fancy, but a great cutter and very well put together. There is no way you can go wrong purchasing any of the swords in this line.

    Author: Christopher Colby (
    I love this sword it worth it. 4/5

    Author: (
    Wow! Where do I begin...I just received this sword about an hour ago. It came in "cheap" but decorated box, upon opening the box laid
    the katana resting in the black sword bag. When I removed the bag from the sword I was in awe, the saya was nice and glossy, everything was tight as can be. As I slid the blade out I noticed it was WELL oiled, that's a good thing, the blade was very straight and well polished. Now for the scary part...I did a paper cutting test to how sharp these swords are, and OMFG! The weight of the blade alone just shredded the paper effortlessly, I ran my thumb down the blade
    cautiously and I almost shed a tear of joy on how sharp this $70 katana is! It's so sharp it's scary, and makes a great sound when swinging it. I am more than happy I found this, I will be buying more form Musashi very soon! 5 stars Musashi!

    Author: Vince Cardillo (vcardillo at gmail)
    I just received my sword the other day. It was packaged nicely, and in perfect condition. Also oiled very well. I just gave it a try on some light cutting, and it was great. A beautiful, functional sword.

    Author: David Simmons (
    This is an incredible deal. My sword is just fantastic. The Scabbard is nice and solid and highly polished. The sword is very solid, no looseness anywhere to be found. The blade is extremely sharp and well oiled. Everything seems to be very high quality except maybe the end cap on the hilt which appears to be plastic. But for the price I don't see how you could ask for more. I'm very glad I made this purchase. I've wanted a nice sword for a long time and I finally have one. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Musashi sword.

    Author: Cody McEwen (
    Got this one a while ago. I was amazed at how well it worked compared to what it cost. Very good light - medium duty cutter, at an amazing price. I will without question buy from Musashi again.

    Author: Jordan Kernodle (
    DO NOT BUY THIS SWORD!!!!!! It will cause nothing but frustration and disappointment!!! Tsuka (handle) is glued, that's right, glued onto the nakago (tang). Which makes maintenance and cleaning extremely difficult. The creators think that because the edge is sharp people will be in awe. People want a quality sword that they can depend on and pass to further generations. This sword should be sold at Kmart in the 2.99 bin, in fact I'd rather buy my swords from there from now on. It's kissaki (very tip) broke while i tried FOR 2 HOURS to remove the blade to inspect if it was truly full tang. I'm not going to return this sword for the "guarantee" states that it has to unused and unmodified. Tell me, how is one supposed to know if they like a sword if they can't use it? I just hope that you take what I have to say into consideration and realize that you are wasting your money, that will be a good enough return for me. I will never buy from this distributor again, I hope you don't either.

    Author: Dan Burditt (
    Jordan Kernodle, perhaps it is user error which caused the frustration. This sword is a one of a kind find. It has very tight fittings, beautiful tsuba and saya, and a blade that is comparable to a $150+ sword. I highly recommend this sword, as well as all musashi products.

    Author: Ricardo Torres (
    I live in colombia and i really want to buy one of these, but seems that i can't becaues here there is no postal code, so anybody can help me?

    Author: Andrew Andrews (
    I live in kansas city and saw the musashi swords in a store. they had cheap knock offs on the wall but in the rear of the store they had these guys. I was so taken back by the quality and craftsmanship of the hiryuu that I almost bought it on the spot. I am glad I looked this web site up because the store was trying to sell this exact katana for $499.99. I am going to purchase this sword this weekend. My question is,.. Does the sword come with a letter of authentication?


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