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  Zetsurin Katana with Kozuka (White) #96

Zetsurin Katana with Kozuka (White) 

This Musashi Sword is not your traditional looking katana measuring 40" inches overall. It's unique and ornate design easily makes it a collectible piece but should not detract from its overall functionality. The sword features a high carbon steel blade measuring 28" inches long with a sharp edge. The handle measures 10.5" inches with alloy fittings, black faux rayskin in a white cotton cord wrap. The saya is done in a white lacquered finish which features a kozuka adding to is unique feature. Comes complete with a sword bag to keep it dust free. Awesome light duty cutter with a collectible presentation to match.


Price: $89.99



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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Demarcus Jones (
    I love the way it stands out from the other swords can't wait to own

    Author: Andy Khuziyev (
    I must say the blade is amazing, really is razor sharp. I did have a few conserns with some other things though. The saya I was disappointed in. The kozuka groove is oddly shaped and the kozuka doesnt even properly fit inside of it. The saya did not meet the handle of the sword evenly either, was off by about 3 millimeters. A little project that set me back a day, but when I was done with it it looks pretty damn nice. I ended up carving and rebuilding wood for the kozuka and then relaquering that area. Looking past all this, for the price, I would be happy if I just got the blade in a box. Its definitely worth the buy, and perhaps it was only me that was unlucky with the scabbard, but just in case, be prepared for a little DIY project.

    Author: jason stewart (
    first, overall this is a good sword for the money. seems to be solid construction and the blade looks nice. but, at least on mine, the saya's white lacquer is a little blochy. Looks like the original color was black and they just didnt put enough white lacquer in some places. also the white cotton cord wrap was a little dirty. I also didnt get a musashi certification but I sent them an email about it so hopefully Ill get one. But even with these faults, you put it on a stand and it'll look great, you can only notice them up close. This is my first musashi, and definitely wont be my last.

    Author: Jeffery Ledford (
    i've owned my zetsurin for about a year now when i first got it what really suprised me was the weight of the katana, i mean of course it comes in a decorative box, with a carrying bag, those dont really matter to me though, it could have come without a handle if they wished, but, the weight of the blade although heavy has a great balance. i've owned other katana's but this one is by far my favorite, and probly always willl be. the handle was tightly wrapped, faux rayskin, very very nice decorations adorn the handle and were the guard is suppose to be. as you can see in the picture's above, but lets get to the important parts!!! THE BLADE IS AMAZING! its high carbon steal, full tang, double pegged, and sharp. it wasent as sharp as i wanted it so i sharpened it further...bad see this swrod is a limb slicer by nature. i accedently sliced my middle and ring finger off...>.>; but thats my mistake lol. they healed back with moderate scaring but remember this is a real sword not a wall hanger. i've put this sword through hell!! and it only made me happier to know that it withstood everything i threw at it. it chops through tree limbs at least 2 times its size. now being carbon it can rust so take care of it! but i've used it to cut through everything from bottles and tree,s to shoe,s and my fingers. you cant beat the functionality of this blade! some more information you should know about your new zetsurin. the blade is 1045 carbon i presume because its softer and this is a plus. instead of shattering it will bend but only if you stuff a cut. DONT PANIC simply bend it back into place with your knee. the blade will take its naturall shape and be just as strong as ever no worries =3. about your kozuka the blade itself is unsharppend but its point is needle and i do mean needle sharp. dont poke youself with it you will bleed XD. the kozuka's blade is very thin so im thinking it should be used as a throwing weapon or a letter opener. it WILL BEND if you throw it into a tree with substancial force. IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT BUYING THIS DONT HESITATE!!! 5 stars for functionality!! im working on buying my second one =3

    Author: Daniel Daniel (
    I have just received my new Zetsurin, first let me say that I am indeed very impressed with such a fast delivery, 4 days total from time of order, if others could be so prompt. As to the sword, keeping in mind that this is just a $50.00 unit, it is truly a beautiful piece, it is just has pictured, there were no blemishes or defects of any kind, the blade is perfectly straight and razor sharp, it is a joy to hold, it sings as it is swung through the air. I was told by a friend to check out your brand, that I would be impressed, I can tell you that you now have a faithfull customer, I will be ordering another item for my growing collection in the very near future and will be looking at your more expensive items, there are a few that have caught my eye! Thank you very much for your great service and for providing such quality items.


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