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Lightweight Functional Katana. Measures 39" inches overall. Handle features real rayskin with a cotton cord wrap (double pegged). Blade measures 28" inches featuring a tempered 1060 carbon steel great for light cutting. The tsuba is iron with brass fuchi and kashira fittings. Complete with sword bag.

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    Customer Reviews

    Author: Erick Levesque (
    Just beautiful! 1045 steel, great tsuba, tight eto, prob one of the best entry level cutting swords around.

    Author: Bryce Artukovich (
    I bought this sword at a retailer in the mall. This sword is perfect, I have had my eye on it for the past 2 months, I finally have it and it has beautiful details. It is very solid and there is no wobbling of any kind, everything fits together perfectly. The blade is extremly sharp to begin with but I used my sharpener at home on it and now it slices through paper like a laser would. I would have paid 3 times the amount for the sword if I knew it was going to be this great. Best sword I have in my collection of 25 swords. It will always be the best too.

    Author: Jacob Tubbs (
    This sword is amazing for the price, it is the cheapest sword with real hamon that i could locate anywhere on the internet. The blade is extremely sharp, and everything is fastened tight and looks much nicer than pictured above(especially the tsuba). there was a defect with my saya, but even so, I still think this sword is well worth buying. I have purchased 4 functional katana as gifts for under 150 dollars, the 2 cheapest were musashi, and they are also far better quality

    Author: Kenji Hirose
    I'm pretty sure the Takeo blades are all 1060 carbon steel. sells the exact same ones but give a fuller description and a slightly higher price (And no free shipping):

    Author: Jacob Park (
    Great katana for your money. It is awesome. Light, yet well balanced. The hamon is beautiful. It looks real to me. No wire brush marks. BUY IT!

    Author: RICHARD POLLAN (
    Extremely beautiful and well made sword. The hamon is absolutely beautiful, and it is definitely prominent naturally, NO Etching. The fittings are of high quality and very tight, and the saya fits perfectly and draws with just the right amount of initial drag. I see these swords trippling or even quadrupaling in price over the next 2 to 3 years, so you had better buy them now while you still can. I am personally buying all 12 models as an investment(one per month), and a second set for my own pleasure.....they are that good. I also currently own the Musashi 1060 DH series "Brown Dragon", and the Black Shirisaya as my walking cane. I officially ask Musashi to make a Shirisaya with a 1060 Differintially Hardened blade like this's sell a million of them if you do. Or at least offer a "bare blade" I can put in mine!

    Author: Zach Bonebrake
    When I first took this sword out of its saya I was amazed. It was beautiful and the weight felt perfect, plus real hamon. You can feel the quality of the sword just by holding it. I then tried to cut through paper only to be disappointed. I thought it was dull until I tried to cut through a 2 liter bottle. It cut through it like butter with no resistance. At first I wasn't even sure that I had cut it because it was so smooth. Now I am positive that this thing could take a limb off. Beautiful and deadly, this is probably the coolest thing I have ever bought. Musashi didn't disappoint. Buy this sword and you won't regret it. I want another one!

    Author: Michael DeWitt (
    Very great for the price. The hamon is indeed real and beautiful on top of that. It cut the UPS box and several water bottles with ease. The only problem is mine seems to lack the Musashi logo and instead has MUSASHI printed along with a subtle CHINA.

    Author: Mike Hoff (
    This sword and the Shirakowa(formally takeo) line are the best swords you can buy for the money, Anywhere! This blade is the same as my Best Miyamoto Sword (Sword #97). Both swords are the best Musashi has to offer in this pricepoint. It does come with the certificate of authenticity, simple black cotton back that is nice, The feel of the sword is light and the cutting will handle bamboo in tatami mats. Make no mistake this is a REAL sword. The Hamon and rayskin are real. the sword is solid with no loose parts what-so-ever. Tight wrap and a beautiful blade. It fits in the scabbard well with just a little resistance getting it out. Giving the price this sword gets 5/5 STARS!

    Here are the specs from a different website:

    Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method.
    -1060 High Carbon Steel.
    -55 HRC blade hardness.
    -Hamon and hardness created with temper process.
    -Real hamon, not wire brushed or printed.
    -Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap.
    -Extremely sharp hand honed edge.
    -Steel tsuba, fuchi, and kashira; Brass habaki.
    -Can be disassembled for care or display.
    -Dual bamboo mekugi (peg), hardwood handle.
    -Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
    -39 3/4 in. overall, 27 1/2 in. blade, 10 3/4 in. handle.
    -Includes black cotton sword storage/carry bag.

    Author: Tom Honaker (
    Just received one of these after lurking about for years looking for a candidate for "tolerably good quality at a great price." I was NOT disappointed. Nice edge, great fit and finish, hand balance and overall "feel" is sound, and it's gorgeous to look at. What you get for what you'll spend is stellar.

    Author: Roberto Fuentes (
    Superb for iaido trainig! look out for the edge when u do Noto! i don't like dull blades 4 myself! kesa kiri smooth in the draw!

    Author: Elijah f
    Pretty sharp, Great looking hamon looks nice, very sturdy. Ive paid more for swords that werent as good. Overall well worth the money.

    Author: Robert Aduddell (
    Hard to believe they can sell a sword of this quality for less than $100. This is an absolutely beautiful weapon, very well made, sharp, and solid. I'll be buying at least one more for a gift, it will be a huge hit.

    Author: Randy Mckeown (
    Found this one at a garage sale and had no idea what it was but I seen the great quality of the blade and now I have ordered two other from here sence and waiting on them to come in the mail. I have put the one I got through a lot of cutting tests and it did not blemish are dull at all I have a lot of cheap stainless swords and they don't even compare to this one I have cut half way into a moose bone with it when other stainless only put a dent in the bone. I'm really pleased with this will order more to try all the others.

    Author: Luis Raul Gomez Torres (
    Hi, I am interested in purchasing this item and could complete the purchase. also wanted saver if you have available at this time.


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