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Musashi Swords

Swords Accessories, Sword Stands and Katana Cleaning Kits.

  • Steel Types: 1090, 1095, or T10 High Carbon Steels
  • Forge Method: Maru-Kitae

    The Musashi Gold Collection starts with a minimal of 1090 high carbon steel and moves up to 1095, T10 as well as Damascus steels as bases for the hand forged blades. Forged using the traditional Maru-Kitae method of forging from a homogenous steel. High carbon steel is very hard and must be properly heat treated thus making its forging process extremely difficult. This particular type of steel is exceptional at holding its edge. Every sword from our Gold Collection is clay tempered and full tang to make sure they will perform the way they were designed. Functionality, beauty, and value, our Musashi Gold Collection swords combines beautifully designed work of art with skillfully hand sharpened edges to give you a sword that is hard to beat.

    Gold Katana Sword

    Musashi Swords has the premium gold katana sword you are looking for. Our Gold Katana Sword Collection is made of at least 1090 high carbon steel, moving up to 1095, T10, and Damascus steels to serve as the bases for the hand forged blade. We use the traditional Maru-Kitae method of forging from a homogeneous steel in order to create the most exceptionally-crafted sword available.

    More About Our Gold Katana Collection

    Much work goes into our Gold Katana Collection, as high carbon steel is very hard and has to be properly heat treated in order to craft these exquisite swords properly so that they serve the user well during training exercises and competitions. Each sword from this collection is clay-tempered and full tang to ensure that they perform as they were designed to perform.

    Why Our Gold Katana Collection Is In Such High Demand

    Our Gold Katana Collection is in high demand because of all of the delicate work that goes into forging the blades to work as seamlessly as they do. Additionally, these swords are unmatched when it comes to their beauty, value, and functionality. These swords combine beautifully designed works of art with skillfully hand-sharpened edges to create incredible swords that are unmatched in their brilliance and functionality.

    This is why our swords perform so well at competitions and have won many awards. Additionally, they serve their users reliably well in their training sessions to practice and hone their skills with the blade.

    Contact us to learn more about our experienced swordsmiths, their sword-crafting abilities, and the collection of high-quality swords that you will be proud to add to your collection and repertoire.