Musashi Umigame Katana

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From the Musashi Gold Collection comes this intricately hand crafted Umigame Katana. Hand forged using 1045 & 1060 steel using the traditional Japanese method of Kobuse-kitae. This method uses a soft steel core in a hard steel jacket to improve overall shock absorption while cutting through hard materials. The blade hardness is 58HRC. The handle is ray skin wrapped in traditional blue cotton cord. It also features an oxidized brass tsuba and fittings. Included with this katana is a maintenance kit to make sure your katana lasts a lifetime as well as a beautifully crafted sword box.


  • 41" overall length
  • 1060 and 1045 steel blade
  • Clay tempered Damascus blade
  • 58HRC blade hardness
  • Oxidized brass tsuba and fittings
  • Choji hamon
  • Ray skin handle wrapped in blue cotton cord
  • Blue saya
  • Gift box
  • Maintenance kit included
  • Certificate of Authenticity