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1060 High Carbon Steel
Lightweight Katana
Real Hamon, Double Hi, Hamidashi Tsuba
Extremely sharp hand honed edge

This is a Special Edition Musashi Sword design by Paul Southren. Full tang hand crafted by Musashi sword. exclusive on Musashi Swords. The sword comes with razor sharp blade and is well balanced. The blade of the sword is hand crafted and made with 1060 high carbon steel. This sword is full tang . This sword can be used for practice use and features a visible kissake on the tip of the blade. This sword comes with a cotton-made black sword bag. Check the musashi engraving on seppa (spacer) for authenticity. Don't settle with a counterfeit. Imitated by many, but exclusively available on Musashi Sword. You can assure to receive original Musashi sword by checking the box and Musashi engraving on the katana's seppa (spacer).