Musashi “Circumspect” Katana

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From the Musashi Gold Collection comes this intricately hand crafted “Circumspect” Katana. Maru-kitae hand forged technique with 1095 high carbon steel resulting a beautiful blade with a distinct hamon pattern.

The theme of the Maru Gata style tsuba is a famous Chinese proverb: The Cicada, Mantis and Canary. As the old saying goes, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the Canary behind waiting in prey. The meaning is: Someone who covets gains before his eyes does not have the foresight to see what lies ahead. The detailed iron tsuba brings the ancient proverb to life with the mantis and cicada on one side of the tsuba, while the canary lurks on the other side of the tsuba.

The wood handle is real ray skin wrapped in traditional black cotton cord. It also features an iron Fuchi and kashira.

Included with this katana is a maintenance kit to make sure your katana lasts a lifetime as well as a premium sword bag, deluxe gift box, Certificate of Authenticity. Each sword is individually numbered on the tang.

  • 40 1/2" Overall Length, 28 1/2" Blade Length
  • Traditional hand forged Muku-kitae method
  • Using 1095 carbon steel with water tempered process
  • Real Clay Tempered Hamon
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip and black cotton cord wrap, iron tusba and kashira and fuchi.
  • Scabbard lacquer: High quality piano paint finished (black color).