Musashi Modern Tactical Wakizashi

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Musashi Tactical Wakizashi.  The traditional Wakizashi was the companion sword  of katana, together they are called the “daisho” literally means big and small. The wakizashi has always been a backup weapon for the samurai, however there are traditional Japanese sword fighting styles that uses both swords, the famous Miyamoto Musashi is known to use a fighting style that utilized both the katana and the wakizashi.
We took the traditional wakizashi and added some current features to bring you our version of a modernized wakizashi.  Our Tactical wakizashi is hand forged with 1060 high carbon steel using traditional maru kitae method. Full tang ABS handle with Hamidashi style tsuba. 
Our tactical wakizashi is razor sharp right out of the box and ready to cut.

  • 31" Overall Length
  • Hand forged 1060 carbon steel
  • Full Tang Blade
  • Hamidashi style Iron Tsuba
  • Wood Scabbard