Musashi Toba Katana

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From the Musashi Platinum Collection comes this intricately hand crafted Toba Katana. Hand forged using T10 & 65MN steel with 4096 layers this katana is a must-have for any serious collector or practitioner of the way of the samurai. The blade features a Damascus pattern as well as a Notare hamon. The handle is real ray skin wrapped in black cotton cord and the fittings are made of brass. The tsuba features a two-tone paulownia flower accent design. The kurigata, koiguchi and kojiri are made of horn and the seppa is made of copper. Included with this katana are a maintenance kit to make sure your katana lasts a lifetime as well as a beautifully crafted brocade sword box.


  • 41.8" overall length
  • T10 and 65MN steel blade
  • 4096 layers
  • Damascus blade with Notare hamon
  • Brass tsuba with two-tone paulownia flower accents
  • Brass habaki & copper seppa
  • Horn kurigata, koiguchi and kojiri
  • Brocade sword bag and deluxe gift box
  • Maintenance kit included
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited lifetime warranty