Tameshigiri Cutting Mat // 10 Pieces

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During ancient Japan, only the most skilled Kenshi had the honor to test katana, this is to ensure that skills needed to cut was not a factor when evacuating the katana, it would be completely based on how well the katana was made. The materials used to test generally were criminals and cadavers. Other materials such as goza (the top layer of tatami mats), bamboo, and thin steel sheets were also used.

In modern practice of tameshigiri the targets most often used are the goza or tatami “omote” rush mat. To be able to cut consecutive times on one target, or to cut multiple targets while moving, requires a very skilled swordsman.

Every Kenshi should practice tameshigiri, the Japanese art of target test cutting. But to practice without proper training and knowledge is reckless and could endanger yourself and others around you. One must learn the essential techniques and principles of how to use a katana before actually trying tameshigiri.
Once you have the foundations nothing can be more satisfying than testing your skills with tameshigiri. To begin your training, we offer the modern kenshi our tameshigiri cutting mats. Our mats are for the budget minded individual that understands that it can get expensive perfecting your techniques. Perfect for beginners oh a budget or an experience cutter.
Make sure you soak the mats in water for three to five hours and dry overnight before you start cutting. Always be aware of your surroundings and use extreme caution when cutting. Improper care can result in serious injuries or death.