• Steel Types: 1090, 1095, or T10 High Carbon Steels
  • Forge Method: Maru-Kitae

    The Musashi Gold Collection starts with a minimal of 1090 high carbon steel and moves up to 1095, T10 as well as Damascus steels as bases for the hand forged blades. Forged using the traditional Maru-Kitae method of forging from a homogenous steel. High carbon steel is very hard and must be properly heat treated thus making its forging process extremely difficult. This particular type of steel is exceptional at holding its edge. Every sword from our Gold Collection is clay tempered and full tang to make sure they will perform the way they were designed. Functionality, beauty, and value, our Musashi Gold Collection swords combines beautifully designed work of art with skillfully hand sharpened edges to give you a sword that is hard to beat.

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