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Musashi Swords

Swords Accessories, Sword Stands and Katana Cleaning Kits.

  • Combines Two Steel Types: From 1060 High Carbon Steel up to T10

  • Forge Methods: Kobuse-Kitae and Gomai-Kitae

The Musashi Platinum Collection combines two steel using either the Kobuse-Kitae method (combining two types of steels) or the Gomai-Kitae method (three layers two steels). 1095 carbon steel is very hard and must be properly heat treated making its forging process extremely difficult. This particular type of steel is exceptional at holding its edge. When combined with 1060 or even 1095 high carbon steel, this katana is a combination of the best of both worlds; keeping a keen edge while still maintaining its durability. Through the Kobuse-Kitae and Gomai-Kitae forging methods our Musashi Platinum Collection swords combine a beautifully designed work of art with a skillfully sharp sword edge.