Musashi "Sarugami" Monkey Spirit Katana

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From the Musashi Silver Collection comes this intricately hand crafted “Sarugami” Monkey Spirit Katana. Using Maru-kitae hand forged technique with 1060 high carbon steel the result is a beautiful and resilient blade with a unique hamon pattern. The Sarugami Katana is razor sharp and ready to cut.

The detailed Kaku Gata style copper tsuba depicts an Sarugami, monkey spirit resting next to a samurai. The copper kashira and fuchi  shows the journey that our Sarugami has gone through to complete theme. The wood handle is real ray skin wrapped in traditional black cotton cord alongside the two tone tsuba, this Sarugamii katana is a great piece to your traditional katana collection.

A unique feature is the integrated Bo-Hi on the blade. Bo-Hi is commonly known as blood grooves, but that is a common misconception. The purpose of the Bo-Hi is to help reduce the weight of the katana, it actually has nothing to do with channeling the blood. Making the Katana lighter enables the user to wield the katana better and puts less stress on the hands. Not to mention it benefits some advance cutting techniques that requires the katana to change direction rapidly.

Included with this katana is a sword bag. Each sword is individually numbered on the tang with matching Certificate of Authenticity



41" Hand forged Katana

Maru-Kitae forging method

1060 high carbon steel

Full Tang

Real hamon

Razor Sharp Edge

Kaku Gata Style Copper Tsuba

Copper Fuchi and Kashira

Sword bag

Certificate of Authenticity