Musha Katana Swords

The journey towards becoming a samurai starts with the Musha collection. Inspired by the musha shugyo, a warrior’s pilgrimage, the Musha collection has all the necessary swords to hone your fighting skills. The musha shugyo allowed the ancient samurai to sharpen their skills through duels and various forms of training and the Musha collection gives modern samurai the same opportunity. A wide range of katanas are readily available in the Musha Collection to suit various needs. From novice to intermediate practitioners the Musha Collection has a katana to fit your particular form and style. A variety of intricately designed tsubas are offered in many popular shapes, such as maru gata, mokko gata, karu gata, kiku gata, and yuko ito gata along with our signature Musashi infinity tsuba. Each Musha saya comes painted in standard high gloss finish for a classic look or a choice of colors and designs that are etched, imprinted or hand painted on the saya. Musha katanas are also available in shirasaya (a plain, undecorated saya) and ninjato (a straight blade katana). For collections, Gifts, or straw mat cutting practice.

Hand Forged

Hand forged and full tang, qualities that budget minded swordsmen look for in a samurai sword. Using the Maru-kitae method of forge with one steel comes the intricately crafted Musha collection. All Musha swords can be fully disassembled and reassembled. If included, the Tsuba, Fuchi, and Kashira all can be swapped out for a different set.


All Musha blades are razor sharp and ready to cut. The Musha collection uses 1045 high carbon steel to provide uncompromising functionality without compromising cost. This allows us to bring you durable and sharp swords at a reasonable value for those just beginning their musha shugyo.