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Musashi Swords

Swords Accessories, Sword Stands and Katana Cleaning Kits.

Tanto Sword

Musashi Swords has high-quality tanto swords for those who prefer a smaller, shorter sword. Tanto swords are short swords or daggers, usually having a single-edged blade with a sharp point The handle of these swords can vary in length. Know that our tantos are also made of high-quality steels and would be fabulous additions to your collection.

Japanese Tanto Knife

Musashi Swords has high-quality Japanese tanto knives for you to add to your collection. For those who prefer to practice with a smaller sword, Japanese tanto knives are made of high-quality steel that can hold up rigorous training sessions. This knife has a long history, having originated in Japan during the Heian period between 794 to 1185 A.D. This was a weapon primarily used by samurai warriors.

Japanese Tanto Blade

Our company provides high-quality Japanese tanto blades to those who prefer to use or collect shorter swords. The Japanese tanto blade has a distinguished history, both because it was used over 1,000 years ago during the Heian period (794-1185 A.D.), as well as in its distinctive blade lengths. The length of this blade can vary from between 15 to 30 centimeters (about 6 to 12 inches).

Tanto Samurai Sword

The tanto samurai sword was a weapon often used by samurai warriors during the Heian period of 794 to 1185 A.D. The tanto samurai sword was primarily used for stabbing, though it could also be used for slashing as well. Thus, it is a very versatile weapon and can be a great item to add to your collection.

Authentic Japanese Tanto

Our company has only authentic Japanese tanto, made in the same way as they were long ago. Depending on the series, award-winning swordsmiths in China use the traditional Japanese forging method to create our authentic Japanese tanto, just as they do our main sword collections. Thus, you can trust the quality of the craftsmanship and construction for both use in practice and tournaments, as well as for displaying in your collection.

Contact us to learn more about our experienced swordsmiths, their sword-crafting abilities, and the collection of high-quality swords that you will be proud to add to your collection and repertoire.