Musashi 2 PCS Swords Stand

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Musashi’s masterfully crafted sword stand is made of wood with high gloss piano coating making it a perfect highlight for your katana.
The stand holds two swords and can perfectly showcase a daisho, long and short sword set. With an extra layer of fabric on the holder protecting your sword, your katana and wakizashi will feel right at home on this premium stand. You can also choose to showcase just your katana, while leaving the saya on the lower section.
Our unique stand can also be converted into a wall mount rack with ease. However you choose to display your sword, you will not be disappointed.

  • Beautiful Wood stand in black lacquer finish.
  • Double Sword Stand With 2 functions in 1:  Wall Mount and Tabletop functions
  • Double Sword Stand: 18.75" L x 8" H
  • Made with wood with red velvet holders. Imprinted Musashi and Musashi in Japanese on the Stand.