Musashi 3 PCS Sword Stand

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Musashi’s masterfully crafted sword stand is made of wood with high gloss piano coating making it a highlight for your katana.
The stand holds three swords and can perfectly showcase a daisho, long and short sword set along with a tanto. Your katana, wakizashi and tanto will feel right at home on this premium stand.
Our unique stand can also be converted into a wall mount rack with ease. However you choose to display your sword, you will not be disappointed.

  • Beautiful Wood stand in black lacquer finish.
  • Single Sword Stand With 2 functions in 1:  Wall Mount and Tabletop functions
  • Single Sword Stand: 18" L x 6" H
  • Made with wood with red velvet holders. Imprinted Musashi and Musashi in Japanese on the Stand.
  • Assembly Required