Musha "Hanami" Katana

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   From the Musha collection comes this intricately hand forged “Hanami” Katana. Full tang 1045 high carbon steel makes this a resilient katana that is razor sharp right out of the box. Vibrant and radiant the beauty of the cherry blossoms is matched only by the short season of the blooms before they fall to the ground. In these blossoms the Samurai saw the idealized metaphor for the life of a samurai – a beautiful life and the envy of all at its height, they would fall in battle, like the field-fallen blossoms on a chill twilight wind. The blossom represents the beauty and fragility of life. It is a reminder of how beautiful life can be, but also how tragically short it is. They are mainly known to symbolize the spring or a time of renewal.

All Musha swords can be fully disassembled and reassembled. Maru Gata style Tsuba, Fuchi, and Kashira all can be swapped out for a different set. Real wood handle is wrapped with traditional cotton.

Designed to be a fully functional katana, the Sakura with its quality build will astonish you with its value.

  • 41" Forged Samurai Sword
  • 1045 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade
  • Razor Sharp and Ready to Cut
  • Hand Forged with Maru-Kitae process