Musha Higanbana Katana w/ Tsuka Dagger (Blue)

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From the Musha Kotoku Series comes this intricately hand forged “Higanbana”(Red Spider Lily) Katana. Full tang 1045 high carbon steel makes this a resilient katana that is sharp right out of the box.

This katana features a small dagger at the end of the tsuka which matches the rest of the handle.

Higanbana is known in Japanese culture to be the flower of the afterlife and symbolizes reincarnation. They are often described as the flowers that grow in hell which guide the dead to their next reincarnation. It is said in a legend that a Higanbana will grow in the last place you have seen someone for the last time. The scent of the flowers are known to bring back the beautiful memories of the dead for one last time before they go cross the Forgotten River and disappear.
Another unique feature on this katana is the integrated Bo-Hi on the blade. Bo-Hi is commonly known as blood grooves, but that is a common misconception. The purpose of the Bo-Hi is to help reduce the weight of the katana, it actually has nothing to do with channeling the blood. Making the Katana lighter enables the user to wield the katana better and puts less stress on the hands. Not to mention it benefits some advance cutting techniques that requires the katana to change direction rapidly.

 Maru Gata style Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira all can be swapped out for a different set. Real wood handle is wrapped with traditional cotton, Extra Handle Dagger at end of handle.

41" Hand Forged Samurai Sword
28 1/2" Blade
11" Handle
5" Dagger Handle
4" Dagger Blade
45-52 HRC
1045 Full Tang Carbon Steel Blade
Razor Sharp
Small Dagger at end of the tsuka
Forged with Maru-Kitae process
Maru Gata style Zinc Tsuba
Metal Fuchi and Kashira