Musha Modern Tactical Katana

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From the Musha Collection comes this intricately hand forged Tactical katana. Full tang 1045 high carbon steel makes this a resilient katana that is sharp right out of the box.

The traditional Katana was one of the most famous styles of sword in the world. It embodied the Samurai spirit and stand for their way of life. Known for their cutting abilities, the katana in the right hand is a formidable weapon.
We took the traditional katana and added some current features to bring you our version of a modernized katana.  Our Tactical Katana is hand forged with 1045 high carbon steel using traditional maru kitae method. Full tang ABS handle with Hamidashi style tsuba. 

  • 41" Hand Forged Samurai Sword
  • 28 1/2" Blade
  • 11" Handle
  • 45-52 HRC
  • 1045 Full Tang Carbon Steel Blade
  • Forged with Maru-Kitae process
  • Hamidashi style Iron Tsuba
  • Razor Sharp
Due to the nature of the forging method. All hamons are unique and cannot be replicated.*